Your Move, or IS It?

We must be willing to let go of

The life we have planned

So as to have the

Life that is waiting for us.

– EM Forster


Plan. Plan. Plan. Many of us pride ourselves in our ability to plan. There is something comforting about knowing what’s going to come next. Do this. Then this. And now this.

Only, life doesn’t always cooperate with our plans. We may think we’ve got something all set, and, “Bam!” we’re on a new course. Or we may believe that if we work our plan the result will be what we want or anticipate.

Often the most interesting twists and turns of life come when we’re least expecting them.

Or, we may confuse planning with having control.

What if we loosened our grip on “the plan”? And looked at it not as a rigid stepwise forward progression, but more like a general direction, loosely held? What if we embraced the diversions, the incongruities, and the WTF moments?

What if we truly believed that we have the right to a fulfilling life—and everything that happens to us is an opportunity for growth, for making conscious choices, and for bolstering our inner strength?

Think how different our ride would be.


Your Call to Action

Where are you holding on tightly to your “plan”? What is one thing you can do to ease your grip? And, when things don’t go according to the “plan”, how do you respond? How might you look at that change differently?



Your Move, or IS It? — 2 Comments

  1. Love this…I see this more often now as I’m getting older…it’s much easier to let go and I enjoy it! Being in the moment is underrated!

  2. With age comes greater wisdom…a gift to compensate for the aches and pains of accumulating years. Wouldn’t trade the wisdom!