Yo! Pay attention!

Those of you who follow this blog know that I’ve recently been under a lot of pressure—much of it self-induced. Regardless of its source, it has had an impact on my body: a crick in my neck, tightness across my shoulders, lower back pain, rapid heartbeat, sugar cravings, and on and on.

And, in my all-too-usual style, I ignored all of it and kept pushing. This is how I am in my less-than-mindful moments. Important signals were being ignored.

My wise body was trying desperately to get my attention. Why did I have to reach the crash-and-burn stage before I recognized what I was doing to myself? How different last week might have been had I stopped to pay attention. And lovingly attend to myself.

I am now taking a 5-minute break every so often just to stop and scan what’s happening within me. Sometimes I discover that tension is showing up in my muscles—a signal that I need to stop, take a long break, go for a walk, or shift gears—in short, I need to alter what I am doing or how I am doing it.

I am trying to pay as much attention to how I am be-ing as to how I am do-ing.

Your call to action:

Stop what you are doing. Ask your body what signals it is sending to try to get your attention. What have you been ignoring? What would be different if you paid attention? Based on what you have discovered, what outcome will you choose?



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