Who Ya Gonna Call?

All long-lasting fires need an infusion of oxygen as well as fuel. Think of your oxygen as your personal network—perhaps a life coach, affirmations, visual reminders, and your connection to your Higher Power. This is your support system—the people and things that keep you going when the path is fogged in or when you’ve stumbled and it’s hard to get back up. They cheer you on, relentlessly and unconditionally. And, because you share your goals and dreams with them, they can hold you accountable. They can help you keep your eyes on the prize!

Your personal support network adds light to your journey’s path and provides warmth to your heart and soul when the expectations of others threaten to freeze-dry your dreams. Those in your support system can walk with you when you grow weary, remind you that you’re tougher and more courageous than you realize, and offer their wisdom and experience. They can join the battle against your fears, call you on the stories you tell yourself, and help you celebrate the “aha” moments.

Your only requirement? To ask them for help, which deep down, you know they will gladly provide. You don’t have to create change on your own!

Asking for help does not mean we are weak or incompetent.

It usually indicates an advanced level of honesty and intelligence.

~ Anne Wilson Shaef

Your Call to Action:

Who are the people who believe in you, no matter what? How do they show their support for you? Who might you approach to add to your support network? What will they contribute to the mix?


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