Who knew smoothies could lead to personal growth?

This past week I was part of a yoga/cleanse workshop. This meant that I attended a yoga class every morning and ate a raw diet, aka smoothies, for six days. For all meals.

The workshop truly was a conscious choice. I signed up out of curiosity about how this would affect me and out of a desire to rid myself of toxins and “start over” in a healthier manner. All noble desires.

The yoga felt wonderful every morning, even though on Day 2 and 3 I felt as if all of my energy had gone on vacation to the land where people enjoy crunchy, sugary, salty food…and coffee and wine.

The diet—the healthy smoothies—were wonderful…at first. The food was everything I was already eating, just blended and swirled together. So, that wasn’t the problem. But boredom with the same-old, same-old began to set in. And the mess…the many utensils, peeling and paring, stacks of fruit and vegetables waiting to sacrifice for my health…began to wear me down, too. Visual clutter gets on my nerves. And, I chose not to put everything away, just to have to get it out again 3 hours later. Queen of efficiency, I am.

And so the days, and smoothies and yoga, passed.

So why am I telling you all of this? Because of the lessons learned.

I learned to slow down—a novel concept for me—because my body was concentrating its energy of restoring my health. In with the good, out with the bad took physical resources.

And I realized that slowing down had its advantages: I found more time for meditation. I read for relaxation. I got sufficient sleep. I turned food preparation into a meditative ceremony. I listened to my body. I took time to look inward and reflect. And stress just didn’t seem that important to engage in.

What I noticed was that the world didn’t stop turning. And that people important to me got on with their lives just fine. And things that seemed so terribly important ten days ago lost their sense of urgency. And because I was taking care of myself, mentally, physically, and spiritually, my energy and vitality came rushing back to me.

I am invigorated because I took time for myself. I honored my body. I disengaged from the world to replenish myself. What perfect gifts, just for me.

And the smoothie metaphor is a perfect summary of this experience. I took all of the things that I know are good for me, removed the unwanted, unsavory bits and outer skins, took the delicious, juicy portions, swirled them into a new, bright colored form, and made time to enjoy the delicious concoction. All of it benefiting my very essence.

Kinda sounds like a recipe for life, doesn’t it?


Your Call to Action

If you could customize your own smoothie, what good, healthy ingredients would you put into it? (And I’m not talking fruits and veggies here!) What unhealthy, no longer useful bits, would you leave out, or send to the compost pile? Now, think of the perfect place to sit, relax, and enjoy this new concoction. What possibilities are here for you?


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