What’s YOUR Trivial Pursuit?

Remember that game? Pulling factoids from the far reaches of your brain. Amazing people with long-buried facts. Stuff that no one really cares about except when playing parlor games.

If you’re like me, the game has been gathering dust on a bookshelf for years. Been there. Done that. So not cool now.

Did you know, trivial actually means “found everywhere, commonplace” and trivia is defined as “unimportant matters”?

In either case, neither word causes most people to sit up and take notice. These words are so…ordinary.

And, lots of you have told me that you don’t want an ordinary life. You’re seeking a life of purpose, of fulfillment, of feeling that your presence on earth matters.

And, to me, that goal is not common! Wish it were, but it ain’t necessarily so, according to the old song lyrics.

And yet…how actively are you either seeking your purpose or following through on it? No need to raise your hand and embarrass yourself.

How often are you caught up in the details, the trivia, the mundane‑the things that are easiest to check off your to do list?

Thought so. I understand. I fall back into that space so easily, too.

Let’s make a pledge together: no more empty inbox or cleared desk as a goal to be proud of. (No one is going to celebrate these items at your funeral!)

Let’s create goals from our intentions and from what we value. And let’s get into action. Enough of the churn and endless drifting.


In the absence of clearly defined goals,

we become strangely loyal

to performing daily acts of trivia.

~Author Unknown



Your Call to Action:

If you could take only 10 values into a possibly dangerous and totally unknown alien world, which ones must you absolutely have with you? How can you better honor these values every day here on earth? What special gifts do you want to be remembered for? What is the next step you can take to share these gifts more widely?


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