What’s YOUR Story?

“We are nothing more than the assemblage

of stories we tell ourselves.”

~ More magazine

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who believed she could do anything. Tell her she couldn’t do something, and she’d grit her teeth and charge forward anyway, just to prove a point. The story she told herself was that she was strong, invincible, and never had to listen to the “No!” coming from others.

And then her story changed and she began to be held in check by cultural expectations. This new story made it important to be the “good girl”, so she could revel in the attention that role brought.

But when her story changed, she lost herself because she believed what others said. And these new stories she told herself squashed who she really was, deep inside.

Finally one day, she shouted “Enough!” from the rooftops. She decided to change her story—and that began her journey back to herself, to her own internal compass, to the daredevil little girl hidden away in her persona.

And that made all the difference in the world to who she is today.


What stories are you telling yourself? Where are you listening more to others? When do you listen to your authentic self? And, what truth lies in the difference between these two situations??

I know you long for those pieces that have slipped away or gone dormant. We are very adept at offering excuses. Too often we tell ourselves that “we’re too busy” to fit those lovely parts of us into our current lives. Maybe we reminisce about our childhood and label it as a bygone age. Excuses, excuses, excuses…

But the truth is, that curious, energetic, and wonderful child still lives within us. We just happen to be taller now!

What if we lovingly invited her back into our lives? What would shift?

Reclaiming this authentic part of yourself may well be the answer to your question, “Is this what’s missing in my life?”


Your Call to Action

What did you love about yourself as a child? What would your life be like if those characteristics were honored today? What is one thing you can do this week to reclaim a piece of that child?


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