Part 3: Work / Life Balance – I Want Some!



Just a quick re-cap on what you’ve done so far.

By now you’ve got a really vivid picture in your mind of the most glorious and perfectly balanced day. Ahhhh, can’t you just feel the deliciousness of that? A day that is perfectly balanced: some work, some play. And it’s all of your choosing! Yes, indeed: “More, please!”

You want that balance. And, it can’t come fast enough.

The goal of the previous exercises was to help keep your dream in the forefront of your mind and not let it get buried by the busy-ness of your life. Have you posted the visual reminder of this dream somewhere you’ll see it often throughout your day?


What’s Leading You

Toward / Away from a More Balanced Life?


OK, so now it’s time to figure out what’s leading you toward that balanced day and what’s leading you away from it. This is where making conscious choices will come into play.  Again, as a reminder, I invite you merely to be aware of the “Yes, buts…” and the “I really shoulds…” if, and when, they appear.

Ready to dig in? Let’s figure out what’s really getting in your way!




Download the assignment here.