Part 2: Work / Life Balance – I Want Some!

I hope there were juicy learnings from your first assignment!

You’ve learned the details of where and how you are currently spending your time. Surprised by some things, weren’t you? Mindfulness is a really powerful tool – helping  you to become more aware of what’s really going on in your life.

Isn’t it interesting what you discover when you stop and reflect. By now you’re probably ansty to remove those things that cause you dissatisfaction in your life. And, you are longing for more of the things that give you satisfaction.

What do you want more of, and less of,

in YOUR life?


In this section you get to dream. And, don’t hold yourself back – dream really big! Clarity is vitally important in this next step. You will be envisioning your most perfect day. Ahhh… the sheer pleasure of having your most perfect day!

Oh, and by the way, when that annoying little voice begins to say, “Yes, but…”, just shoo it away for the time being.

Well, let’s get started!


Download the assignment here.