July 15 ♥ Stop Diminishing Compliments

Why is it so hard for some of us to accept a compliment? Why do we offer some excuse to minimize what has been said about us? we are prepared for insults

Ever said anything like these in response to a compliment? “It was nothing.” “Oh, I got it on sale.” “I was only doing my job.” “I was lucky.” “Others contributed more than me…” etc. etc. etc. etc.

Why is it so hard to believe what other people are saying about us? What is going on in our heads that causes us to refuse to accept the positive feedback?

I think it’s our Inner Critic operating overtime, telling us that we don’t deserve what is being said. That surely the person is just being nice and they don’t really mean what they say. That this was somehow a fluke.

We have to stop diminishing compliments and own our accomplishments! We need to be appreciative and gracious. We must learn to savor what we are being told and accept that someone saw something in us worthy of praise.

Think of a compliment as a gift and act accordingly. Allow people to offer their gift and follow it with the appropriate response, “Thank you.” Nothing more. No need to add clarification. Just a simple “Thank you.”

Now it’s your turn:

This week practice giving compliments to others and note their reaction. How many downplay what you have just said? How does that make you feel? What can you learn from their reactions?

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