April 8 ♥ Forgive and Let Go of Resentment

life is too short
Animosity and resentment…fancy names for what we feel when we believe we have been treated unfairly. They were hurtful, mean, or thoughtless. They didn’t meet our expectations. Poor me. Look what they did to me.
Looks like this is about them. But is it?

Life isn’t fair. It just isn’t. And there’s not a thing we can do about that fact.

So why do we choose to keep picking at our scabs?

I believe that we continue certain behaviors because they provide a benefit to us. So, what benefit are you getting from the resentments you hold? If you weren’t seeing some advantage, you’d move on. Really.

Maybe you believe that you can somehow change the past. Or that you must have some justice. Maybe you just have to be right. Or this is your way of getting attention.

“But, it isn’t fair!” you proclaim.

Right. But how you react to life’s unfairness is your choice. It’s not up to them.

You have control over your own behavior and attitudes. You will never have this control over others.

Maybe you need to forgive someone – not to change them, but to release yourself from the animosity.

So, forgive what you can and then practice selective forgetting about all the rest.

Isn’t it time to get on with your life and your happiness?

Now it’s your turn…

Think of some resentment you may be harboring. Really feel the hurt, anger…whatever strong emotions arise. Now take action. You can tell the person how their behavior made you feel. If that’s not appropriate or it’s too scary to do, then write out your feelings, or shout your feelings out loud. It’s important to express these emotions in some way so that you can release them. Congratulations! You have just moved closer to not letting your past dictate your future!

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