April 29 ♥ Time for an Attitude Check

Time for an attitude check.

Life happens and most of it is beyond our control. When something unexpected occurs how do you react? Are you drawn to a positive or negative perspective?

happiness HumboldtYou know, your reaction definitely is under your control, even if the events are not.You get to choose how you respond. You can look for the good in a situation, the possible opportunities and blessings in disguise, or you can fold inward, brace yourself for the negative outcomes, and label it as another failure.

Some of us naturally go for the darker interpretation. And it’s important to recognize that this view is just that: an interpretation.

If you can choose to see only the negative, you can also choose to see the positive.

It comes with practice. And trust in yourself. And responsibility for how you want to feel, along with a willingness to refuse to look at the negative.

As with all skills, it takes practice. And the benefits are many. The more you look for the positive, the more you will actually see it. You will encounter fewer obstacles in all aspects of your life. And you will feel greater happiness. What’s not to like?

So, get out those rose-colored glasses, crank up the positive self talk, add a gorgeous smile and shout, “Look out world, I choose happiness!”

Now it’s your turn…

Think of a difficult or challenging situation that happened or is happening in your life. How you are responding to it? Take a moment and look, really hard if necessary, for anything positive about the situation – it may not be obvious so continue thinking until you find the nugget. If nothing else, every situation is a learning experience and that’s a positive!

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