April 22 What Are You Putting Off in Your Life?

Wow! Today’s quote comes right to the point, doesn’t it? So, I’ll do the same: What are you putting off in your life?
Come on, get honest here.
Maybe you’re using phrases like “…as soon as…” or “…when I have more…”.
As in, “as soon as…”
I get that new job… Picasso quote
I retire…
I lose 15 pounds…
Or, how about, “when I have more…”

So, let’s get real. No one knows how long they’re destined to be on this earth. Your best laid plans may come to pass because you’ll live long enough. Or not.

Are you really willing to take that chance? Do you want to pass from this life with regrets?
I know I don’t. I plan to live each moment to the fullest. I’m traveling NOW because I may not be able to in the future. I’m seizing the moment NOW because I have no idea what the future holds for me.
Carpe diem!

Now it’s your turn…

Choose one thing you’re putting off because of…whatever. Are you willing to die leaving that undone? Yup, I know you’re not. So what’s one thing you can do today to move you closer to making that happen? And when you Inner Critic pops up and tries to dissuade you, what are you going to tell it?
Excellent. I knew you had it in you!


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