April 1 ♥ Allow Fun, Play, and Foolishness into Your Life

It’s April Fools Day!

Kids love this day because they can pull practical jokes on those of us who tend to take life so very seriously – making us into their April Fools.

And many of us find the hoaxes and jokes, so, well, childishexperience a little foolishness

But what if we allowed some fun, play, and foolishness into our lives? What if our Inner Child was given permission to appear, even if only occasionally?

What if we loosened our need to appear mature and so damn serious? What if we stuck out our tongues or put Silly Putty on our noses or twirled around until we got wonderfully dizzy?

How would our lives change?

Now it’s your turn…

Your assignment, should you decide to take it on, is to laugh and celebrate foolishness throughout the day. Letting the child inside of you have full rein, at least for a while.

And in case you need some prank ideas, here are some to get you started.

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