We Become What We Believe

I was listening to an old interview with Woody Allen recently on a long drive home. When asked whether he finds any pleasure in life, his response was surprising. He said that he views pleasure as fleeting because he knows that there is so much pain and suffering out there, ready to take over.


My first thought was, why not reverse that thinking: pain and suffering are transient and pleasure/happiness is just around the corner? What I find interesting with Woody’s perspective and others I have met, is that the starting point, the basic premise people have about how the universe works, creates the lens through which they perceive their world–in effect creating their reality.

Science has shown that our attitudes actually create our reality! If you expect the world to be a place of scarcity, you will see it everywhere. If you believe that you are lucky and opportunities come your way, you will be correct.

Do you feel the power in this?

So, how do you view the world? Is it a wonderful playground full of lots of things to explore and experience? Is it a place where it pays to be cautious, to be on hyper-alert for unexpected bumps in the road? Maybe it’s a world of never having enough and wanting more. Or is it filled with numerous rules and others’ expectations? Perhaps it feels expansive, or that opportunities abound.

You are in charge of how you see the world.  Choose wisely.

Your Call to Action

Stop for a moment and center yourself. Then think about how you view the world and complete the following sentence with at least 5 different answers that resonate with you.

How would you describe the way the world works to an alien being?

What descriptive words might you want to replace to more accurately reflect who you want to be in your life? Where might your words—your view—be holding you back?

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