Waiting to Begin

Life is now. There was never a time when your life was not now,

nor will there ever be.

― Eckhart Tolle

We moved to New  Mexico just over two and a half months ago. And during this period my spouse and I have been together less than half of that time. Family illness, business travel and various other events meant that one of us was home alone quite often.

We knew this would be the case, so I’m not complaining about the state of our lives.

My lessons came when I unthinkingly mentioned to my husband that I couldn’t wait for us to be in the same place at the same time for longer than a few days so we could begin creating our new life.

And then it struck me… we had already begun our new life. This coming and going was the normal state of affairs. I was waiting for some perfect set of circumstances to signal “Begin now, dear.”

It was one of those —well, duuuuuh moments.

Now that I’ve had some time to think about this situation, I’ve recognized several important life lessons:

Lesson #1: I was waiting for everything to line up perfectly, as if that would somehow validate that we could begin.

Lesson #2: I was so busy living in the future that I was missing the present moment and the joy I am feeling living in my new environment.

Lesson #3:  By focusing solely on being a couple, I was ignoring that I, too, was beginning a new life for myself.

In other words I lost myself in the waiting, diminished the good vibes I was feeling already, and jumped right over the present moment.


How many times do we think that the circumstances have to be “right” for us to take the next step?

“As soon as the kids are in college”…”Once I retire”…”When I move out of the city”…

We believe that once the magic situation arrives everything will line up and we’ll be able to make the changes or do the things we want.

It just ain’t so!

By spending so much time waiting for things to be just right, we miss out on this very moment, oops, this very moment, and now, this very moment. In other words, we miss out on our lives, moment by moment.

And the really sad thing is: these missed moments will never come around again.

Seems a pretty stiff price to pay while we’re waiting, don’tcha think?



Your Call to Action

If you consciously were to choose to pay attention to the moments of your life, what would be different for you? For others? Think of something you will do once “such and such” is just right. What if you let go of your need to wait, and began NOW to make the changes happen?



Waiting to Begin — 2 Comments

  1. This is so true. AND, I needed this reminder, so it’s right on time! Thanks, as usual, for the inspiration.