Values: Your Guideposts

Your values are who you are, at your core. Values are how you express yourself in the world; they are evident in what you do and how you act. Values are neither right nor wrong. They just are. And, they are unique to you. Your sense of fulfillment depends upon how fully you live these personal core values, and how well your head, heart and will align.

Like run lights on a dark, foggy night, your values guide you through the murky soup, clearly marking your path into the unknown. When you need to make a choice, consider how each option honors your values. You may actually discover that some choices stomp of your values! When your values are not being honored you may feel out of sorts, that your life is not in harmony or that something is missing. The secret to leading your most fulfilling life is to consciously make choices that resonate with your values.

So what do you value? A way to identify some of your values is to consider what you must have in your life to feel a sense of fulfillment, and then determine why this is so important to you. Your answer points to your value. For example, if you must have quality time with your family, your value may be “family” or “connectedness.” Note that these are my words and my interpretation. Your response might be different. And that’s okay because your values belong to you and need to be expressed in your own words.

Your call to action:

Determine 3 things you must have in your life to feel fulfilled. Examine why you need these items, and then describe the values they represent. (Try to use a 1-2 word phrase as the value.) Now identify one way you can honor each value, every day. And then do it!


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