Isn’t It Time to Wake Up Your Inner Child?

We are all little girls in aging bodies. No matter how old we are, we are still that little girl that skipped rope, roller-skated on the sidewalk, skinned knees, wore braids with barettes or ribbons, and ate ice cream bars from the ice cream man.

~Jo Schlehofer


young girls laughing b and w

When was the last time you went outside to play?

Maybe life’s gotten way too serious and “grown-up” now. Or maybe you’ve forgotten how to be playful.

Where is your inner child hiding?

Just because we’re aging doesn’t mean we have to ignore the little girl that still lives within us.

I hear so many women claim that they don’t have time for fun. They have responsibilities now. There’s too much to do in their lives. They just can’t make room for anything else. They often summarize by adding, “Fun is for kids.”

Too many of us are pulled in too many directions by children, a significant other, work demands, and hormonal and physical changes. No wonder our inner child gets lost in the shuffle. Luckily she still lives, although often buried beneath the self-imposed  “shoulds” and “have to’s”.

Stop for a minute. Do you really know what delights you and gives you pleasure? You may be so wrapped up in “life” that you’ve let yourself forget. Unfortunately, you won’t find the answer in any self-help book. You need to tune in to that little girl that lives within you. She holds the secret.

Seriously, don’t you have an inner child, who longs to be free, to play, to take a respite from being boringly practical and predictable, to take a break from the world of doing and just be?

What if you gave her a chance to reemerge? What if your adult self became friends with your inner child? She’s still there, inside, hand in the air, waving, “Pick me! Pick me!”


Your Call to Action:

Make the time to sit quietly then think back to when you were a child. Recall some of the things you had fun doing then. Why was it fun? How did you feel? Who did it allow you to be? Ah, say hello to you inner child! How can you make room for her in your current life?

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