Time to assess…

It’s almost the halfway point for this year! Can you believe that?


My plan is to take some time this week to reflect on where I’ve been in 2011 and where I would like to go for the remaining six months of this year. I promise to look back with a kindly attitude. This will not be an opportunity to berate myself for all of those things I “should” have done.


I will approach this inventory with kindness toward myself. My mindset will be to evaluate what worked and what didn’t (without judgement), and to review the balance between fun and pressure I put on myself.


How much joy did I experience and return to others? How often did I laugh? Where did I create memories? How often did I feel at peace and one with the Universe?


I will then turn my gaze toward the near future – from now through December. How do I want to be in the next 6 months? And, yes, I will ask the obligatory, what do I want to have accomplished…however, my goal will be to balance the being and the doing.


What have been the highlights of the past six months for you? What delighted you, made you laugh until tears streamed down your cheeks, or took your breath away? What made you proud? What did you let go of? How have you grown?


Imagine it is now the end of December. How do you want to be able to answer these same questions? And, where do you want to be able to say, “I did that!”?


How can you give yourself permission to balance your being with your doing for the coming six months?


Here’s to consciously choosing to have more fun and less pressure!


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