The Power Surge Group! old

Welcome to…


…these are the gifts just waiting for you. Congratulations: you’ve taken the first step toward making changes—for good! You’re ready to plug into your power!

The Power Surge Group—designed to help you experience:

  • lasting change, in bite-sized pieces
  • progress, at a pace you choose
  • inspiration with no pressure
  • a refreshing focus on yourself

Some preliminaries

What I expect from youa willingness to explore, and to be open and receptive. Easy-peasy!

What you can expect from me—thought-provoking questions and challenging exercises, unconditional support, motivation, a safe place for growth, and dancing in the moment, which means sometimes you will lead, and sometimes I’ll take charge. But, oh what a lovely dance it will be!

As a group we’ll set the basic ground rules for our journey. Each week will be centered on a topic and how it shows up in your life. There will be time for reflection, sharing, and coaching—all in a nurturing environment.

My promise to you

You’ll build self-awareness, refine what you really want in your life, and develop tools to keep you in motion on your personal journey to a wildly fulfilling life!

Stay tuned…more once the group gets started!