October 21 ♥ Are You Moving Forward or Sitting on Your BUT?

I’ve heard from a lot of women that they’d love to try something new…but… So often there’s that awful, disconcerting but… But where would I find the money, or the time, or the energy? they say. But  I’d have to wait until this or that would happen. My retort? But …  how long are you gonna wait?  What if you believed that the Universe truly is on your side, just waiting for you to take that 1st step? All you’d have to do was begin. And you could take small steps or a giant leap – whatever would feel comfortable. What if the Universe was just waiting for a nod from you? You wouldn’t have to have all the details worked out. You might not even have a clear vision of what exactly you were wanting. You could get moving with what you know…now. The important thing is that you’d be moving forward, not sitting on your But. Now it’s your turn: Where in your life is But getting in the way? What’s holding you back? If you were to take just the teensiest, tiny little step forward, what would you do? What would it take to actually do that itsy bitsy step? Not that much, right? So, get moving! … Continue reading

Relax and Let the Ideas Come to You

I find it very interesting how my blog ideas make themselves known. I used to fret: “What am I going to write about? I’ve got a deadline looming!” I felt this heavy sense of obligation and, well, pressure. The harder I thought, the more it seemed that I pushed ideas away.  And my inner critic kept harping that any ideas I had were dumb and experts had already written everything about any topic I could dream up. Sheesh! And then one day, quite serendipitously, I relaxed and let the panic and doubts go. I sent my inner critic packing and I assured myself that something would come to me. I just needed to be open, and listen. So I went about my week invoking the Universe to guide me. No pressure, no pleading, just patience and receptivity. And it worked! Amazingly, it worked! When I sat down to write, the words just flowed out of me. And it’s been like that ever since. If I’m feeling at a loss for an idea, I know I’m trying too hard. So I do something completely unrelated. (Today I spent more than an hour happily cruising my local home improvement store getting ideas for some redecorating projects.) And then the spark happens. Something comes onto my radar. And I’m off with a blog topic. The lesson for me is that lots and lots of ideas are floating around out there. When I am consumed by busyness, these ideas are hard to discern. Kinda … Continue reading

Goodbye, Old Friend

This past week I learned that I need to replace my sewer line. OK, that could be expensive, in itself upsetting and unplanned for. But the kicker is that the new line will run right through my sacred space in my garden! Ouch! This is the place I seek out when I need to find respite, to reflect, to enjoy a glass of wine and commune with the many birds, to do the New York Times crossword puzzle, to journal. This is my sacred space! And it’s all going to be gone – very soon. My first reaction was deep sorrow and anger. After all, this is a 20-year old garden spot, with a huge canopy of leaves from a mature tree and surrounding shrubs. This is where I go to hide when the world is too much for me. And then my coaching skills kicked in. These questions ran through my head: Why am I holding so tightly to this space? What is the Universe requesting of me? What gifts might be here in this situation? What I came up with is rather telling. I’ve been doing some serious avoidance dancing around letting go of a few things in my life, even though I know doing so will be extremely beneficial to me. And the person holding me accountable – always a good thing – is beginning to wonder if I’ll ever follow through. It’s just taking that first step that causes me to hesitate. Gulp! So, back to the … Continue reading