Oct. 12 ♥ Why You Must Let Go of the Past

How many things are you holding on to “just in case”? How many clothes still hang in your closet just in case you lose the weight that keeps hanging around your midsection. Or maybe you’ve kept those shiny black stiletto heels just in case you once again go to a classy wedding? Or maybe you’ve hung on to those casual Friday combinations that are no longer necessary for your lifestyle? If you’re really honest with yourself, you know these will likely never happen again. And yet you cling to the possibilities. I’ll bet you’re just afraid to let go of the past — because these things represent parts of you, the good times, memories of who you were — back then. Yet your past is not who you are now. True it helped you become who you are at this moment, and you need to be grateful for that. But nostalgia can weigh you down — and fill your closet. Hanging on to the past keeps you tied to what was and stifles your forward motion toward who you are becoming. So, let go of material things from the past. Maybe even consider a farewell ceremony to mark your goodbyes. And donating these items will make you lighter and help others who can use them. Consciously choose to live in the now of who you are, keeping only the things that represent her. Now It’s Your Turn: What do you hold onto that ties you to your past? How might these … Continue reading

June 22 ♥ Do You Know What’s Really Important?

Many of you have probably heard of or read about the raging forest fire in central New Mexico. On day 8 it’s still not completely under control and has displaced many people and animals while destroying homes and acreage. That fire came far too close for comfort. There was a day last week that filled me with great anxiety and helped me to understand what is truly important to me. As the fire grew in intensity, gobbling up more and more of the miles between it and my home, I realized that I seriously had to consider what would go or stay if we were called to evacuate. It was easy to include the humans and the pets. But what about things? I quickly learned my definition of “valuable”: legal and financial documents, computers and electronics, vehicles, photo albums, and things I couldn’t part with or replace. Yet that left so many things to fend for themselves. My husband and I eventually drew up a checklist and pared it down so that everything would fit into our two cars. And we had to reconcile ourselves to the fact that we might have to start all over. Luckily, the gods were with us, and we didn’t have to evacuate after all. And I’m grateful for the lessons in this experience. Things can be replaced, people and beloved pets cannot. I knew that intellectually but now I get that in my heart. I know memories, particularly those associated with objects, are durable … Continue reading

December 23 ♥ No Expectations = No Resentments

‘Tis the season to have expectations: Everyone will get along. The food will be perfect. Every gift will be just what they wanted. Happiness will abound. Every family member will be on their best behavior. Ah, Norman Rockwell may be alive and well in our memories but that’s not the reality of our lives around the holidays. How often have you planned how an experience was going to unfold only to have your expectations rudely thwarted? And how often did you then let your frustrations come spewing forth onto those around you? Been there. Done that. Still trying to learn the lesson. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why are we so certain that we know how the future will unfold? Why do we believe we have so much power over life and other people? Here’s my recommendation for a more peaceful holiday, whichever one you celebrate: let’s all act as if we have no idea what will happen. Let’s recognize that we can only control ourselves; everyone else is on their own autopilot. Let’s relish being in the moment, however that moment turns out. I promise you, you can eliminate frustration, anger, disappointment, and sadness if you just let go of any preconceived ideas about how things should happen. Learnin’ to go with the flow…   Now It’s Your Turn What can you let go of this holiday season? What difference will that make? … Continue reading

December 16 ♥ Overcoming Uncertainty on the “Ice” of LIfe

Last week I had the opportunity to check off something from my bucket list: I went ice skating at Rockefeller Center. And the amazing thing is that I didn’t even know this belonged on my bucket list! The opportunity presented itself, and I thought, “Why not? Go for it, girl!” When the time came, I eagerly laced up my skates, ready to get out there. And as I stepped on the ice I realized how slippery it was, with the very real possibility that I would fall. My years of skating as a kid were in the very distant past and my knees began to wobble in trepidation. I grabbed for the security of the rink’s wall hanging on as if my life depended on it. Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea after all. And then I consciously decided I was not going to be a bystander and let the swirl of skaters pass me by. I needed to get out there, if only to test my mettle! I took a leap of faith and risked letting go to see what would happen. Gingerly I began to glide, amazing myself at how my skating skills came back to me. I was filled with wonder and pride and exuberance. I could do this! Nearly 90 minutes later I congratulated myself on my courage and ability to step up to the challenge. I had overcome my fear and discovered the joy of personal achievement. This story is the perfect analogy for … Continue reading

December 9 ♥ Every Exit Line Is an Entry

I have been involved in an extraordinary course called, What Do You Want?” over the past two months, with the goal of defining my Big Picture Wants. What I have discovered is what truly matters most to me; the things that make my life juicy, enlivening and deeply satisfying. And along the way I have come to realize that it’s time for me to embark on a new stage in my life – of offering service to others but a in different way. So as this year ends I am phasing out my coaching business. You may be wondering why. I am simply feeling a need to find space and regroup my energies for the next chapter of my life. I have been feeling a palpable pull from the many opportunities to learn and explore. I want to make more time for activities that ignite my soul. And I know that the clock is ticking. This thought doesn’t scare me but it does heighten my awareness that my life definitely has a “use by” date. And I intend to take full advantage of my good health and redirect my abundant energy. I offer enormous thanks to those of you who have worked with me, steadfastly followed my blog, reclaimed your power, and shared the joys of personal growth. Knowing you are “out there” has always brought a smile to my heart. I will miss you the most. I’ve discovered that creative writing meets so many of my Big Picture Wants. … Continue reading