May 11 ♥ Make Time to Do Something that Makes You Happy

Our lives can have so many “shoulds” and “have to’s”. Whether we work for someone else, work for ourselves, are retired or don’t work, there always seems to be something that must get done. I used to think that I had to complete all of these necessary things before I could take time for myself. The only problem with this kind of thinking is that more and more “shoulds” and “have to’s” kept appearing. Other people were always there with requests for help. It seemed that the faster I accomplished one thing; something rapidly took its place. And time for myself? Never happened. But what if we took today’s quote to heart? What if we made sure there was always enough time to do something that makes us happy, satisfied, even joyous? How would our lives be different? I’m not suggesting that we block a huge amount of time or spend a lot of money creating some sort of sanctuary for ourselves. That would be nice but it’s not necessary. I’m simply saying that we need to set aside time — surely you can spare 10 minutes — to do something that brings us joy or happiness, which sends a message to our brains that we are as important as all of the myriad things that must get done. It validates that we have a right to these feelings. And it creates space for our spirits to rejuvenate and breathe. I’m not relinquishing this activity. My contentedness, my sanity, and … Continue reading