May 25 ♥ What You Can Learn from Your Bad Habits

Ever have a negative situation that just keeps popping up, over and over? Maybe it’s the same argument with a loved one. Or always being late. Perhaps it’s spending too many extra hours at work. I’m sure you know what I mean. In all of these cases repetitive patterns just keep…well, repeating.  Why is that? These behaviors are bad habits, which get triggered by a specific event leading to some sort of reward. Yes a bad habit gets us something. And often we aren’t even aware of what we get in return. You know that same-old, same-old argument you keep having? What reward do you get for not resolving it once and for all? As for always being late? How does that serve you? And why are you really working late so often? You must be getting something in return or you wouldn’t act in any of these ways! Finding out the “why” behind your bad habits, and, of course, wanting them to be different, is the path to change. These bad habits have something to teach you about yourself, and you’ll stay on this merry-go-round until you learn the lesson waiting for you. Ready to jump off the ride? Now It’s Your Turn Identify one habit you’re ready to change and why you’d like to change it. What event triggers the habitual behavior and what reward do you get for acting this way? Look deep and hard for your current reward. The secret to making a change is to … Continue reading