October 21 ♥ Are You Moving Forward or Sitting on Your BUT?

I’ve heard from a lot of women that they’d love to try something new…but… So often there’s that awful, disconcerting but… But where would I find the money, or the time, or the energy? they say. But  I’d have to wait until this or that would happen. My retort? But …  how long are you gonna wait?  What if you believed that the Universe truly is on your side, just waiting for you to take that 1st step? All you’d have to do was begin. And you could take small steps or a giant leap – whatever would feel comfortable. What if the Universe was just waiting for a nod from you? You wouldn’t have to have all the details worked out. You might not even have a clear vision of what exactly you were wanting. You could get moving with what you know…now. The important thing is that you’d be moving forward, not sitting on your But. Now it’s your turn: Where in your life is But getting in the way? What’s holding you back? If you were to take just the teensiest, tiny little step forward, what would you do? What would it take to actually do that itsy bitsy step? Not that much, right? So, get moving! … Continue reading

October 14 ♥ A New Take on Being Overwhelmed

OK, I’m just as guilty as many of you…if something sounds like a good idea I’ll go for it. Practice Spanish everyday…sure! Take an interesting class…why not? Do a 10-day cleanse…this is the perfect time! Oh, and of course, this is in addition to what I’m already doing. And I’ve got lots of balls in the air ’cause I’m not one to just sit around and watch life go passing me by. So I jump right in, almost every time. “More?” “Yes, please.” But then there comes a reckoning. While each separate thing is enjoyable in itself, sometimes I feel overwhelmed. Too much, all at once. And it’s not like I want to give up anything, ’cause I might miss out on whatever. Right? I’ve come to learn that when I start to feel this overwhelm it’s usually because, while I love being busy with each individual activity, I’ve been neglecting what my soul needs – my inner nourishment. And the only way to bring myself back from the land of overwhelm is to do the self-care things that feed my soul and strengthen me to get back out there. And that feels soooo good. off to take a “me moment”… Now It’s Your Turn How do you know when you’ve hit “overwhelm”? How long do you try to ignore the feeling? What makes you finally give in to it? What helps you to strengthen yourself so you can get back to the life you love? … Continue reading

October 7 ♥ Sanctuary! Sanctuary!

“Sanctuary! Sanctuary!” For those of you old enough to remember, this is a memorable line from the movie, The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Quasimodo, the hunchback, snatches the gypsy girl from the gallows and runs wildly along the church tower, gleefully showing a cheering crowd that she is safe within the churches walls. She has found sanctuary, a respite from the terror of the streets. Kinda sounds like coming home from work, right? But is your home a sanctuary? Or is there just a different kind of chaos there? Demanding kids, clutter, piles of laundry? You know what I mean… We all need a sanctuary, a place of refuge where we can feel at peace and recharge our batteries. A place where we can lose track of time and just be, without the demands of our busy lives. Your sanctuary doesn’t have to be your home. It can be anywhere. The important thing is that you have a place where you can escape, if only for a little while. You deserve – and need – such a gift heading off to my sanctuary amid the piñons…   Now It’s Your Turn What is the main characteristic you need in a sanctuary? Why is that important for you? If you don’t already have a place of refuge, where might you create it? If you already have one, how can you use it more often? … Continue reading

Sept. 30 ♥ Tolerations – Time to Clean House

What are the things you’re just putting up with in your life? I mean those things that aren’t quite right and that you plan on fixing? Someday… Today comes, and then tomorrow, and they’re still waiting for some action on our part. The thing about “tolerations” is that they drag us down, many times leading us to feel overwhelmed by the things that keep accumulating over time. And these “tolerations” end up cluttering our minds. They’re an energy drain that distracts us from what’s really important in our lives. Now is the time to identify what you’re tolerating! Think of it as the fall cleanup! The first step is figuring out exactly what you’re tolerating. Your tolerations could be: friendships that are no longer reciprocal, incomplete tasks, frustrations at  home or work, unresolved problems, other people’s or your own behavior, clutter, the “shoulds”, unmet needs, crossed boundaries, lack of exercise or sleep, poor eating habits, waffling on decisions, procrastinating – you get the idea. You may not want to do anything about them right now, but just writing them out will raise your awareness, making you much more willing to start handling, fixing and resolving them. So, make a list of what you’re putting up with at work – and at home – in life – to determine what might be cluttering your mind and slowing you down! Over time and as you think of more items, add them to your list. …gotta run, I’m making my list and checking it twice … Continue reading

What You Leave Behind

The only thing you take with you when you’re gone is what you leave behind. ~ John Allston   A few days ago my husband and I serendipitously found the Santa Ana Pueblo open to visitors. This was an opportunity waiting to be explored. And to our delight we discovered that the Pueblo residents were performing a ceremonial dance. Perfect. I was struck by the sense of community and the beauty of the dance even though I didn’t understand its significance. What really caught my attention were the tiny children, perhaps 3-4 years old, partaking in the dance. They wore the same expressions as their elders and their attention was truly focused on their participation. They knew this was important. In the midst of the steady drumbeat I began to think about what we pass along to those we leave behind. These Pueblo parents were ensuring that the benefits of this prayerful dance would continue to make their world a better place. I believe that each and every one of us have been put where we are on this planet because that’s where we can do good, where we can make a difference. I’m not talking about making changes on a global scale. I mean enriching the lives of those who come into contact with us. None of us will probably ever win the Nobel Peace Prize, cure hunger in the world or eliminate major diseases. But don’t let these facts lead you down the path of insignificance and hopelessness … Continue reading