Size DOES Matter

It isn’t the big pleasures that count the most; it’s making a great deal out of the little ones.

~ Jean Webster

Much of my time is now dedicated to recuperating and slogging through my physical therapy sessions—not the schedule I would have imposed on myself. And yet, I have learned to be grateful for the small things.

Parents of a young child delight in and celebrate the attempts at rolling over, crawling, walking with help, and finally the unaided first step. Pictures are taken, Facebook is updated, grandparents beam.

I, too, am finding that my progress is coming in incremental steps. And, with each step I have consciously celebrated the forward movement. There is a larger goal but that’s not where my focus is, or should be. I need to concentrate on the little steps, knowing that each is a piece of the larger picture being crafted.

Who would have thought that taking the first shower after surgery would create such rapture! Or that dressing myself would cause me to whoop with joy. No stopwatch records broken, but still.

I’ve just mastered putting on a bra by myself, and feel like a big girl now, whereas several weeks ago I never would have given it a thought, nor celebrated the skill.

All of these actions make up who I am and who I am becoming. How often have I just breezed onward and never paid attention? Or celebrated the joy of the tiny, yet steady forward movement?

It’s the little things—the pleasure they bring, and consciously taking time to notice and celebrate them.

Whoosh—there goes another one. Did you take time to relish it?

Your Call to Action:

This week stop and notice 5 little things that are contributing to becoming who you were meant to be. Now, find 5 different ways to celebrate each of them. How will you consciously take time to notice the little things in the future?



Size DOES Matter — 2 Comments

  1. Good word. We often just cruise through life without giving the “little things” a thought. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. And how will you put this reminder into practice this week? This month? This year?