Simple words, powerful message.

As I was rearranging a portion of my office this week*, I ran across one of my favorite quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt: Do one thing every day that scares you. Simple words, powerful message.

Why would someone willingly seek to do something that scares them? I can think of many reasons. Being scared certainly pushes you out of your comfort zone. Gets that adrenaline flowing. Wakes you from your lethargy. Puts some oomph in your day.

It also makes you feel alive. Causes you to think on your feet. Respond in ways unfamiliar to you. Gets your heart pounding.

I can hear you saying, “Yes, but…I like my life as it is, why shake things up, I don’t have time, this is crazy, I can’t, I need a guarantee…” Ah, hello, fear.

Let’s put things in perspective. I’m not talking about skydiving, although if that speaks to you, go for it! I’m talking about seeking out ways to push your limits by starting small. Never had the courage to state your opinion before others share theirs? Constantly saying “yes” when you really mean “no”? Always eat the same kinds of food? Happy keeping a low profile? Rather be a follower than a leader?

What if…

What if you broke out of your shell? Pushed your limits? What if you told your fears that you are in charge. If you believe something is fearful, then it is. (Funny how that works.) Well, that also makes the opposite true: if you believe you can overcome a fear, you can! And, you know you no longer want to live small. Right?

There are gifts here, with your name written on them in large, sparkly, iridescent letters:

I can do things I didn’t think possible!

I am so proud of myself!

I have no limitations!

I live life big!

I can deal with anything!

I am powerful!

Don’t keep these gifts waiting. The party won’t last forever. Grab this chance to design your life that way you want. Get ready to leave your comfort zone. The gifts will be boundless, the party never ending.

So, what are you going to do today that scares you?


*And, why was I rearranging my office? Sometimes when I feel “stuck” or unable to get my energy flowing, I rearrange furniture. I know, it’s weird. But it works for me. There’s something about the physicality of this acitvity that unclogs my brain. And, makes me more receptive to change, in all areas of my life. Oh, and it bugs the hell out of my spouse!

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