Sept. 9 ♥ Life, Uncomplicated

I’m just back from a unique and wonderful vacation in the great expanses of Wyoming. And something happened there that made me stop and think about what I really need in my life.
We were staying in a very comfortable cabin that was warm, cozy and simple – nothing was extraneous. There weren’t piles of clutter or stuff everywhere.

Life is really simple

There was space. And a sense of openness even though the place was a mere 1200 square feet.
I was experiencing the simplicity of life. We had all we truly needed, and nothing more. And surprisingly I felt that nothing was lacking.
I noticed that I felt unencumbered, with a greater sense of clarity about what is essential to have in my life, and what are merely “wants”. And I sensed a greater connection to my spouse because we had more time to connect.
We had purposely eliminated most commitments and were living slowly, making time for solitude and enjoying the simple pleasures.
Laughingly we even mentioned that we could live like this, all the time.
And while I have come back to the “real world”, the lessons from that stay in the cabin are still with me. And the draw to a less complicated life is beckoning. I got a glimpse of what is possible.
And now I’m working on making that happen. I want to recapture the simplicity.


Now it’s your turn:

How are you making your life more complicated than it needs to be? How could you pare down your commitments? What material things could you eliminate from your life? What reward waits for you if you do these things?

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