Sept. 25 ♥ Choosing “I Must DO Something!”

Ever sit and watch or read the news and think, “Why doesn’t somebody DO something?”

I must do somethingSometimes the world seems like evil is winning. Everywhere you look the bad guys are are in charge of just about everything.

“Why don’t ‘they’ do something?” is quickly followed by…”Who am I to affect any changes?”

And it all begins to seem so hopeless.

If you let it…

“They” are never going to save the world. “They” are never going to organize solutions to what ails the world. “They” are not the change makers.

“Something must be done.”, written in passive voice, contains the irony that “they” will see that something must happen. That the rest of us should remain inactive and submissive, content to wait for the changes to occur, which of course makes us appear unconcerned and indifferent.

And I know we’re not!

“I must do something” has power and strength in it. It’s filled with action and hope that something will be done. It means jumping in and offering whatever we can, regardless of the size of our contribution.

I’m not suggesting that as individuals we can solve the world’s problems. What we can do is work on righting wrongs, caring for others, easing pain, seeking justice for all. We can do all of this in our own backyard!

On a global scale these actions may seem trivial and inconsequential. But imagine how life would be different if everyone in our city or town felt this way. What miracles would occur if given the chance?

Who’s with me?


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