SF Women’s Networking Group pre-lunch workshop


water leakLet’s fix those power leaks!!


WHEN: August 21, 9:00 am – 11 a.m.

WHERE:  Hotel Santa Fe, Library Room

During this workshop we’ll get out our wrenches, pliers and plumber’s putty to fix those power leaks!

Learn where you give away your power

—you’re gonna to be surprised by this.

Here’s what you’ll get…

      • tools to supersize your power,
      • permission to say adios to self-imposed limits and
      • clarity on what you do want so you can redefine your life on your terms!

 $22  workshop


$32  workshop a copy of my book:

Reclaim Your Power: become who you were meant to be  

(retail book value = $17.00)

And, don’t forget…

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About Robin Anderson…

Robin is a CPC (certified professional coach), a speaker and workshop facilitator.  She says “I find the most joy working 1-on-1 with women who want something more in their lives, who long to re-introduce fun and passion intro their vocabulary and who hunger to reclaim the feeling of being deliciously alive.”

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