S-L-O-W Down, You Move Too Fast

Slow down, you move too fast, you’ve got to make the moment last

Just kickin’ down the cobblestones, lookin’ for fun and feelin’ groovy

~ Simon and Garfunkel

How often do you go ripping through your day, moving faster and faster, getting more and more wound up, and then collapsing at night? Is everything a whoosh and blur as you try to remember the details of your day? Or maybe you just recall what went wrong. Do you keep your days so jam-packed that there’s little time to catch your breath?

Ah, yes…you move too fast.

When things get frustrating, do you just push harder, determined you will not be thwarted? Do you even stop to realize that you’re juggling more and more things, as your fuse gets shorter and shorter?

Welcome to crazy land!

I can h-e-a-r you: “I’m not crazy, I’m just really, really busy!”

We’ll look at that statement in just a moment. Right after we take a quick break for a word from our sponsor, Sneaky Excuses.

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– my boss expects so much from me,

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– if I slow down, NOTHING will get done – “they” can’t do it as well as I can

– I LIKE being busy…

– somebody HAS to do it

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Now, back to our regularly scheduled program…

To all of these excuses I say, bulls**t.

Too often we buy into the formula that says the busier you are, the more important you are. When someone asks, “How ya doing?” Is your response some variation of, “I’m sooooo busy.” What if you answered in a different way, without the reference to busy/overwhelm/rushing, etc.? How would that change your perspective?

And, what makes you think the world will fall apart if you don’t do everything on your to-do list? Who’s keeping score anyway? Is there an Inner Critic nearby? just wonderin’…

The rebuttal to “somebody HAS to do it”…if it’s THAT important someone else WILL do it. It just doesn’t have to be you, all the time.

You know, too often we see things as more important than they are in the scheme of things. We often design “rules” that are not necessary. We create expectations that no one else has for us. We do things for others that they are capable of doing for themselves. We overinflate our importance. We hide behind our excuses and our fear that we’re just not that important.

And, what’s the cost of all of this? We lose ourselves! We grasp at phony ways of making ourselves feel needed, important, special. The truth is that we ARE needed, that we make a difference in other people’s lives—just as we are. Whirlwinds are not necessary for this to be true.

Yes, we can be busy, but not crazy-busy. What if we realistically look at what has to be done in a day and ask ourselves these questions. BONUS: they’re appropriate in both home and work settings.

How important is it?

Is there someone else who can do this? (Not, do it like I would do it but just do it.)

If it doesn’t get done, what are the consequences? Who will care?

Who can I ask for help?

If you honestly assess your tasks this way I think you will be surprised at how many are just not that important—for today.


Your Call to Action For the next week, eliminate the word “busy” from your vocabulary. When people ask how you are doing, honestly answer them. Here are some possibilities: “I’m feeling really energetic/sluggish/tired/excited…” When you think, “This HAS to get done”, stop and reflect about the truth in that statement. Whose voice is telling you that it is urgent? And, give yourself a loving gift: take time for yourself every day this week, out of love for you. (Even a 5-minute meditation counts!)


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