Round, and Round, and Round…

I had planned on writing a generic blog about being a workaholic and the impact it has on those around us as well as on ourselves. And then it dawned on me that my recent extremely hectic week was an excellent example of a Type A run amok.

I am in the final stages of wrap-it-up-details on my forthcoming book and I let all my wisdom on self-care, keeping life in perspective, and faith in the Universe evaporate. I am certain that those around me were completely surprised by the frenzy I was creating. Where had the go-with-the-flow, and the work-but-let’s-not-get-crazy me gone?

Cue the wake up call!

I suddenly realized that much of the craziness was of my own making. I was the one ramping up the pressure! I was doing this to myself.

How often do we get so entangled in the deadlines and the need to keep pushing, at all costs, that we lose ourselves in the process?

What lessons were here for me? I suddenly realized that I had reached my physical and emotional limits and that so many things were out of my control. (They always had been yet I believed otherwise.) I was making a choice to be tied up in knots. And, therefore, I could also make the choice to respond differently. This I could control.

So I let go and stepped back. I realized that there are limits to how hard I can push myself. (Imagine that!) I recognized that I had been responding as if this project were a life or death situation. (It isn’t!) And I saw that self-care was the first thing I chucked when the tension increased. (Wrong choice!)

And then I made a conscious choice to get off the merry-go-round.


Your call to action:

This week stop and take time to assess how you are being in the world. Tension in your body? A bit of the grouch? Changes in your eating and sleeping habits? Who would you become if you got off your merry-go-round? What would be different if you allowed self-care to be a priority?


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