Revelation: You CAN Tame the Chaos

I promise you nothing is as chaotic as it seems. Nothing is worth your health. Nothing is worth poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety, and fear.

~ Steve Maraboli 


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Ah, it’s the the crazy season. Mailboxes stuffed with catalogs. Inboxes littered with sale enticements. “Buy! Buy! Buy!” shouted from every street corner.

Lots of folks get caught up in the rush, rush, gotta do everything momentum. We can so easily become overwhelmed with all the things we think we need to do.

The common mantra? omg, there just isn’t enough time!

Whoa. Who’s in control here?

I’ve learned that there aren’t many things I can control in my life. But I can control how I spend my time.


Oh, look at the flurry of “Yes, buts” suddenly filling the air…

Stop for a moment. Whose voice is telling you that you gotta do it all? Is it truly your voice? Come on, fess up.

I’ll bet that this driving voice is coming from somewhere outside of you. Maybe it’s the “I can do it all” perfect woman image promoted by others. Or it’s the family expectations that “this is the way it’s always been done”.

Regardless of where that voice is coming from, know that it’s based on “the shoulds”, which are guaranteed to produce guilt, anxiety and stress.

And, be honest, there’s a bit of fear mixed in here, too. I mean, you’re not one to let people down. Right? Because you’re determined to ensure that everyone likes you. And besides everyone else is caught up in the frenzy, so why shouldn’t you be also?

So many of us get hung up with people pleasing, comparing ourselves to others, perfectionism and tolerating things that bother us.

But at what cost to us? How about our sanity, health, and peace of mind?

This year I’m taking a stand on how I expend my energy. Because I do have a choice.

I can decide to say yes or no to where I am willing to put my energy. Because there’s a limit to how much I have. Because life gets ugly for those around me when I’ve pushed myself beyond my limits. And I don’t like who I become when that happens.

Know what I mean?

So this year, for my holiday season, I’m keeping tabs on how I’m feeling when I think about doing something. I’m taking time to consider if the activity gets me excited, something I can’t wait to do. Or if I feel obligated, governed by the “shoulds”.

What I’m learning is that my feelings are a good guide to how I want to allocate my limited energy resource. It’s when I override those feelings that I get into trouble.

Will this month be stress free for me? Hardly. But I know I’m in control of how much strain I allow into my life.

What’s your choice? (I’d love to have you share it below.)


Your Call to Action

If you chose to eliminate the stress around your holiday, what would you change? What is one teeny, tiny action you can take to begin this change? What promise will you make to yourself?

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