Relax and Let the Ideas Come to You

I find it very interesting how my blog ideas make themselves known. I used to fret: “What am I going to write about? I’ve got a deadline looming!” I felt this heavy sense of obligation and, well, pressure. The harder I thought, the more it seemed that I pushed ideas away.  And my inner critic kept harping that any ideas I had were dumb and experts had already written everything about any topic I could dream up. Sheesh!

And then one day, quite serendipitously, I relaxed and let the panic and doubts go. I sent my inner critic packing and I assured myself that something would come to me. I just needed to be open, and listen.

So I went about my week invoking the Universe to guide me. No pressure, no pleading, just patience and receptivity.

And it worked! Amazingly, it worked! When I sat down to write, the words just flowed out of me. And it’s been like that ever since. If I’m feeling at a loss for an idea, I know I’m trying too hard. So I do something completely unrelated. (Today I spent more than an hour happily cruising my local home improvement store getting ideas for some redecorating projects.)

And then the spark happens. Something comes onto my radar. And I’m off with a blog topic.

The lesson for me is that lots and lots of ideas are floating around out there. When I am consumed by busyness, these ideas are hard to discern. Kinda like having faith that there really is sunshine up above those thick grey clouds that so often hang over Happy Valley.

So, my quote for the week, the one that guided me to this blog, I found posted in a doctor’s office. All I had to do was just notice and let the idea emerge for me.

Inspiration is quieting your inner critic so you can hear your dreams in motion. Can you hear them?

Your call to action:

What gift is in this quote for you? What can you let go of so that your ideas can find you? How can you open your eyes to possibility?


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