Reclaim Your Power the book

Isn’t it time to redefine your life

on your terms?

What if you could joyously greet each day bursting with energy and happiness? What if your life felt more in tune and harmonious? What if you could feel more empowered and less at the mercy of circumstances? Possibilities—freedom—creativity—purpose: these gifts are just waiting for you. Your curiosity and longing have brought you here. Now take the next step.

You can reclaim your power. 

Your life’s journey, and the choices you’ve made along the way, have brought you to where you are now. Consider how much better your choices will be, and how much brighter your path will be, when you carry within yourself the flame of greater self-understanding and fulfillment. How would you like to…

      • Build self-awareness 
      • Say goodbye to self-limiting beliefs 
      • Redefine what you really want in your life 
      • Develop tools to keep you moving toward your most audacious and wildly fulfilling life

Begin. Now.

Become who you were meant to be.


become who you were meant to be

become who you were meant to be


Look inside the book…

Table of Contents

This Is No Way to Go through Life 

Hello, Inner Critic

Meditation Moment

YES! I want to reclaim my power!

144 beautiful and inspirational pages—self-discovery,visualization, journaling, meditation, and action!PREREQUISITES: a willingness to explore, and to be open and receptive.

It’s time for a change.

You’re seeking a change in your life, and change can sometimes be messy and unsettling. I understand. Reclaim Your Power…become who you were meant to be! provides a safe environment for your journey. The user-friendly workbook style uses a conversational manner with heavy emphasis on encouragement to get you into action, taking the first step toward your most audacious and wildly fulfilling life.


Begin the journey.

Make a conscious choice to reawaken your innate spark by identifying your dreams, and your life purpose, and beginning to believe that you can have your most audacious and wildly fulfilling life.

How much longer you gonna wait?

What others are saying about Reclaim Your Power…become who you were meant to be!


Engaging, conversational style … a safe environment along with tools for self-discovery… positive, sensible, and truly helpful.”

~Claudia Limbert, President Emerita, Mississippi University for Women

“For those serious about enjoying all life has to offer.”

~Ken Mossman, CPCC, Coaches Training Institute faculty member, owner of Cirrus Leadership

“Contagious magic: a beautifully encouraging journey of self—empowerment.”

~Jill Badonsky, Founder of Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching, Author of Awe-manac,

“Simple and effective model for making changes in your life—change that moves you, at the pace you choose…”

~Linda Gottschalk, Senior Director of Global Talent Management, Research in Motion


“This is an enormously helpful and fun workbook for counselors, too…a surefire way to help and encourage clients to stay on task and get results where and when they are needed.”

~Beth Bollinger, MD, Psychiatrist


“Clearly written guide for women in search of their own authentic expression.”

~Stephanie Yost Mentzell, Certified Professional Co-active Coach,, Creative Director,


YES! I want to reclaim my power!