Put on Your Party Pants and Celebrate!



This week’s blog is a bit different. The past few days I have been celebrating, which just happened to coincide with the Albuquerque Coffee and Chocolate Fest. I’m going to have a buzz for days…



I celebrate myself, and sing myself.
~ Walt Whitman

1st Thanks to those of you who shared your support about my recent health concern. All is well, although it took a while for me to overcome the pent-up anxiety, which I didn’t realize I had been hiding. Sometimes I can carry the strong, tough woman persona a bit too far. I really had been worried but had stuffed those thoughts down inside and carried on. (Old habits die hard.) So, I guess that makes last week’s blog a bit of a lie–but living in the moment is still my goal!

2nd I’ve been working diligently preparing a new FREE teleseminar for you. And now it’s ready! I can’t wait to share the FREE goodies with those who register. More information on how you can Reclaim Your Power can be found here. There are more things in the pipeline for you, too, so stay tuned for upcoming details.

3rd My blog has been chosen as number 28 in list of top 100 life coach blogs to follow in 2013! Here’s the complete listing. This is truly an omg moment.

4th I’ve created my first YouTube video, which explains a bit more about my upcoming teleseminar. Check it out here. Getting to this point involved so much learning in so short a time. I worked really hard on this–an excellent cause for celebration.

5th I’m a Constant Contact All Star! This means that I have consistently high readership of my weekly emails and have done so for more than two years. Thanks to all of you <blush> for making this possible.

These are the really big things that make me want to put on my party dress and dance into the wee hours. And there are oodles of things, though much smaller, that I try to celebrate on a regular basis.

The point being: I used to think, “Check” and move down my list of to-do’s.

No more. I find time to celebrate, often.



Your Call to Action

When was the last time you celebrated yourself? Make a list of 3 big accomplishments and 5 smaller “you go, girl” things you’ve done recently. How do you feel about yourself knowing that you’ve done these things? Now, how can you celebrate what you’ve done?
What would it take to make this a regular practice? just wonderin…

life’s pretty damn good right now!


…and here’s the infographic about the 100 top life coaching blogs


Top 100 Life coach blogs to follow

An infographic by the team at CouponAudit




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