Push, push, push – whoa!

Ever have one of those days? I began the day thinking of all I wanted to accomplish. And then the frustrations began to mount. I flipped my almond-buttered bagel on the floor, and it landed…of course, butter-side down. Later when I went to dump the coffee grounds container, it decideed to try a double flip summersault on my kitchen counter.

I looked at the clock, and it was only 10:30 a.m.

Ah,  but I knew I had the afternoon to look forward to – a chance to recover from the blips of the morning.

So, I started to finding my work rhythm, humming right along. Ah, I was in the zone. And then…

I’m not going to go into all of the gory details of the various frustrations that continued accumulating through my afternoon. Let me just leave you with the final, now-you-got-my-attention incident.

I was planning to sort through some old things I’d stored for years in boxes stacked on a shelf in my utility room. I began to pull the topmost box toward me, and…you guessed it, the molly bolts released and the shelf and everything else on it came crashing down.

Oh, my. (A phrase that doesn’t do justice to what I actually said.) An enormous mess. A major task to add to my to-do list. And my wake up call.

Well, now that the Universe had finally gotten my attention, and I realized that I had been continually pushing to complete everything that I had assigned myself for the day. And, I was going to get them done! No matter what!


Except that I had been ignoring signs that I needed to take a break. That I needed to consider why I was so easily getting frustrated at things that really don’t matter. That my energy just wasn’t at its normal level.

OK, the whole shelf thing matters, but everything else should have been no big deal.

What’s the lesson here for me? When I’m beginning to feel too much frustration, it’s a sure indication that something is out of sync with me. I need to heed the warning signs. I know what the cure is – slow down, take some “me” time, and just be.

Your call to action:

What are the signs that you are overreaching your limits? What do you know will happen if you continue doing rather just being for a while? How can you short circuit the inevitable meltdown?


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