Pain: the invitation

Why is that we need to experience pain to recognize that life cannot continue as it is? The pain can vary from a gut-wrenching howl to a dull, incessant throb, but the message is the same: “Do something about this!”

“Pain is often a sign that something has to change.”

Mark Nemo

This quote showed up recently in a book I often use as a meditation guide. How appropriate, especially since I go under the knife in a few days.

My love of horses and riding has gotten me this special invitation to surgery. And, while I haven’t felt real pain since my accident, I am growing weary of the ever-increasing ache associated with my injury. This nagging sensation is a constant reminder that there’s gotta be a change.

Why does it take some provocation, some pain to get our attention?

My theory is that the Universe is constantly trying to get our attention, offering us opportunities to grow. We’re gently tapped on our shoulder, “Um, perhaps if you would just make this small change…now.”

When the Universe gets no response–heck, we live busy lives! –it sends a stronger message.

And we just keep a-rollin’ along with our busyness. Until…

…the sensation is so extreme, the hurt so enormous, the shock to the system so aggregious that the message-writ-large finally appears on our radar screen: “CHANGE!

“Uh, you talkin’ ta me?”

So, yes, I should have had the surgery several months ago. But ya know, I was busy.


Your Call to Action

How has the Universe been trying to get your attention? What changes are you avoiding? What would it take to get you into action? Take that first step—now.



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