October 28 ♥ Still Comparing Yourself to Others? Try This Instead

How often have you said, “If only I could look like, act like, have what she has, I would be happy.”

I have a friend who gently reminds me that I am unique, which I often forget when I get caught up in my busyness. I’ll go along believing her for a while and then get all tangled up in myself, self doubt will creep in, and I’ll find myself silently competing with others, with me on the “losing” side.

The curious thing is that the definition of “losing” comes from within me. I forget that I am a Why compare yourself to othersunique person with unique talents and abilities.

What is it that makes us feel that we are inadequate as we are? And why is it so important that we must fit in and be accepted by our tribe?

I can understand the utility in being like the others back when we lived in caves and survival depended on group effort. Those who were different might be ostracized, which could mean certain death.

Really, when did you last live in a cave? And when did you last require a group, outside of your family, to help bring home the bacon?

So, why is fitting in so important? Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves to be like “them”? And how did we come to believe that group validation equals personal validation?

Sheesh, when do we get to be ourselves? And revel in our uniqueness?


Now it’s your turn:

The next time you feel yourself falling into comparison with another mode – stop! If you really must compare, do so using your past self to who you are today. What’s different? What’s to celebrate? How are YOU a new, improved edition?

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