October 14 ♥ A New Take on Being Overwhelmed

OK, I’m just as guilty as many of you…if something sounds like a good idea I’ll go for it. Practice Spanish everyday…sure! Take an interesting class…why not? Do a 10-day cleanse…this is the perfect time!

Many of us feel stress and get overwhelmed

Oh, and of course, this is in addition to what I’m already doing. And I’ve got lots of balls in the air ’cause I’m not one to just sit around and watch life go passing me by. So I jump right in, almost every time.

“More?” “Yes, please.”

But then there comes a reckoning.

While each separate thing is enjoyable in itself, sometimes I feel overwhelmed. Too much, all at once. And it’s not like I want to give up anything, ’cause I might miss out on whatever. Right?

I’ve come to learn that when I start to feel this overwhelm it’s usually because, while I love being busy with each individual activity, I’ve been neglecting what my soul needs – my inner nourishment.

And the only way to bring myself back from the land of overwhelm is to do the self-care things that feed my soul and strengthen me to get back out there. And that feels soooo good.

off to take a “me moment”…

Now It’s Your Turn

How do you know when you’ve hit “overwhelm”? How long do you try to ignore the feeling? What makes you finally give in to it? What helps you to strengthen yourself so you can get back to the life you love?


October 14 ♥ A New Take on Being Overwhelmed — 4 Comments

    • This is exactly how I felt on Monday! So the way I took care of myself was to say, “Enough!” and just sit for a while and b-r-e-a-t-h-e. Really helped

  1. The candy store of bright, shiny choices surrounds us daily and draws us in like shiny objects draw the attention of a crow. It is too easy to value ourselves only as a Human Doing and not as a Human Being. We need to learn that being quiet and thinking is Doing something, too–it’s nourishing our Self the way sleep nourishes our immune systems.

    • I totally agree! I’m working on more BEING and less DOING. Reflection and quiet leads to insights and inspiration and getting the creative juices flowing.