Oct. 12 ♥ Why You Must Let Go of the Past

if-im-not-the-same-person-i-wasHow many things are you holding on to “just in case”? How many clothes still hang in your closet just in case you lose the weight that keeps hanging around your midsection. Or maybe you’ve kept those shiny black stiletto heels just in case you once again go to a classy wedding? Or maybe you’ve hung on to those casual Friday combinations that are no longer necessary for your lifestyle?

If you’re really honest with yourself, you know these will likely never happen again. And yet you cling to the possibilities.

I’ll bet you’re just afraid to let go of the past — because these things represent parts of you, the good times, memories of who you were — back then.

Yet your past is not who you are now. True it helped you become who you are at this moment, and you need to be grateful for that. But nostalgia can weigh you down — and fill your closet. Hanging on to the past keeps you tied to what was and stifles your forward motion toward who you are becoming.

So, let go of material things from the past. Maybe even consider a farewell ceremony to mark your goodbyes. And donating these items will make you lighter and help others who can use them.

Consciously choose to live in the now of who you are, keeping only the things that represent her.

Now It’s Your Turn:

What do you hold onto that ties you to your past? How might these things be hindering your forward progress? Why does this make a difference?Why is it important that old things become less and less significant as you move through your life?

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