November 3 ♥ Why You Need to Slow Down to Catch Up

Last week I had a terrible head cold that forced me to slow down and take care of me. Of course, once the cold began to lessen I felt I had to “catch up” on all the things I had had to set aside.

Yes, I kept piling things on, adding guilt into the mix because I had let stuff slide. Oh, and the next several days were already scheduled to be very busy.go slow to go fast

You can probably guess where this is going…

I’d gotten myself totally wound up. I was stuffing far too much junk food into my mouth. I was irritable and the slightest thing created huge frustration.

In short, I was no fun to be around. And, my behavior toward others was less than admirable. I knew I didn’t want to continue this state of being.

So how did I get myself back on track?

I consciously slowed down (recognizing that speeding up was only winding me up). And what I noticed was that the frustrations began to melt away. I threw multi-processing out the window, and concentrated only on what I was doing at that moment. My breathing slowed and I became less frantic. And my perspective changed: I could only do what I could do, and that would have to be good enough. (That streak of perfectionism always gets me in trouble.)

And the stress  eased. This is a much better way to live.

heading off to make amends…


Now it’s your turn

Where are you moving too fast? How does that behavior affect those around you? How do you feel about that? What can you do to return to the person you want to be?


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