January 2011

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What do you want in 2011

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So, it’s the New Year – a time for reflection and re-direction. You may call it “making resolutions” or “setting intentions”. Either way you know that you want to change some things in your life this year.


I’m curious as to who you want to become, what your top issues are, the things you would like to change in some way. 

I’ve included a link to a very brief survey . By taking this survey – guaranteed under 2 minutes to complete –  you can pinpoint your focus while helping me determine what topics will be of interest to you for my blog and newsletters.



“Everything in life is based on daring.”

Martin Buber

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Robin Recommends


Medicine Cards

Jamie Sams and David Carson

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If you’re like me, you sneak a look at your daily horoscope just case there’s a important message from the Universe. I take these messages with a grain of salt because in many cases they are just too generic to truly fit my circumstances.

That’s where the Medicine Cards excel. This book, written to help people reconnect with Earth Mother and all of her creatures, provides an ever-changing tool to help the reader find a personal pathway through the medicine and wisdom of animals.

For those of you who think this is a bit too “woo, woo”, don’t quit reading just yet.

The book, and the accompanying deck of cards, helps me to examine my life in different ways. Each day I draw a card and use the book to reflect on how a specific animal and its power relates to what is currently going on for me. If I pull a card and it is face up, there is a message as to how I can use the power and essence of that animal.  And, if I pull a card with the writing facing away from me, the contrary position, I receive a message that there is an imbalance in a specific area of my life, which causes me to consider how I might remedy the imbalance.

I find these cards and the explanations in the book to be ever so much more helpful than a horoscope. Each card/animal causes me to search through my experiences, look deep within myself and be drawn into greater harmony.

And, it is my interpretation and application to my life that provides the real value – a good source of material for my journal.

btw, as I was writing this, I drew Owl. “…the OWL card, you are being asked to use your powers of keen, silent observation to intuit some life situation…aiding you in seeing the total truth.”

Egads, Earth Mother must have been watching during my ceremony to end 2010. See what I mean?