February 2011

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4 Habits of Mindful People


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What do Mindful People have to teach us? Read on. 


Enjoy the unfolding moment.  Mindful people know that they don’t have control of their lives. They realize that control is a false perception as well as a struggle that saps energy and creates stress. They believe that to-do lists, schedules, and perceptions of the world give the illusion of control and help people hide from their true authentic self.  They know that life is not about the doing, the movement; life is about engaging fully in every experience that comes along. They have learned that life happens in the Now and that every moment in a new moment. Fully engaging in the Now creates awareness of one’s life and being fully awake can vastly change their lives.


  • How well has fast-forwarding through your life served you?   


Do one thing at a time. Mindful people know that multitasking and over committing indicate a life out of balance and give the illusion of getting things done, when the reality is just a state of busyness. Doing one thing at a time is a radical view, one that is not rewarded by society. They have learned that doing one thing allows them to really show up in the activities of their life without worrying about what they “should” be doing instead and allows them to reduce stress and be more centered.


  • How addicted are you to all of the activity in your life?


Make time to be stillMindful people know that making time to be still every day, a time to be simply with themselves, without distraction, is a glorious gift. This is time without thinking or doing. They understand that this allows them to really begin to discover their true identity, longings and life purpose. Time for stillness gives a focus for their life, a time to reflect on and savor what they have, and a way to re-center themselves.


  • Why are you not allowing stillness into your life?


Experience Being in the DoingMindful people know that a fulfilling life includes a balance of doing as well as being. They have learned that while our culture puts great value on action and goals achievement, being present as they go through their day gives time to still their minds, and allows them to really experience what they are doing, and to pay attention to the smallest details.


  • What would happen if you took a 10-second pause every hour, just to observe what is happening in your body and mind?



“Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.” unknown


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Robin Recommends

The Art of Drowning book cover

The Art of Drowning  

Billy Collins

Poet Laureate, 2001-2003 


In recent years I have discovered poetry. Well, I always knew it existed, it just wasn’t my favorite form of literature. Billy Collins is one poet who has taught me how enjoyable poetry can be.

I have several of his books, all of which showcase his often irreverent view of daily life. For example,



It could be the name of a prehistoric beast

that roamed the Paleozoic earth, rising up

on its hind legs to show off its large vocabulary

or some lover in a myth who is metamorphosed into a book.


It means treasury, but it is just a place

where words congregate with their relatives,

a big park where hundreds of family reunions

are always being held…

And while his poetry may appear superficial at first reading, there are greater depths and a measure of seriousness to be found upon reflection. I recently discovered several YouTube video animations with Billy reading some of his poems.

Finding yourself forgetting more than you are remembering? Watch this animation of Billy Collins reading one of his poems.