April 2010

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Does this sound familiar? You’ve spent tons of time, energy, and money on your summer vacation only to come home completely exhausted and realize you’re really not looking forward to the same old routine? You haven’t had any “me” time or done something to restore the inner you.

This year can be different! How about a mini-vacation,
just for you? Don’t miss the save the date announcement below.

Do yourself a favor as you consider your summer plans: schedule the retreat vacation guaranteed to regenerate and restore you back to the woman you know yourself to be underneath all of your roles and responsibilities.

You’re sooooo worth it, you know!


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What Kind of Teabag Are You?
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I’ve always liked these words of wisdom from Eleanor Roosevelt:

A woman is like a teabag. You never know how strong she is until she’s in hot water.

I recently learned what kind of teabag I am. I had an emotionally unnerving experience, one that blindsided me and left me very shaken.
My initial reaction was not very pretty and certainly not one I was proud to have strangers witness.

But you know what? In retrospect I learned some major lessons from that experience.

First, I learned that life happens and there is no labeling it as good or bad. It just is.
And, second, I learned a more important lesson: how you respond afterward shows what you’re made of.

And I have learned that I am made of very strong stuff. While I was shaken to my core, I will survive.

I haven’t always been like this. It has taken lots of work, much reflection and learning from being roughed up by life.

I firmly believe that lessons are always being presented to us. They niggle gently at first. But if we continue to ignore these lessons designed
just for us, life gets more insistent. Until finally we give it our undivided attention, because we have to.

Have you been paying attention to lessons in your life?