New beginnings and reawakenings

It’s beginning to look a lot like springtime! I just need to ignore the freezing rain, the dusting of snow, and the ice on the roads… but I remain ever the optimist.

Recently we had sunshine (!) and warm temperatures, just enough to remind us that winter is loosening its hold. Green plants are peeking out of the ground and trees are pollinating like crazy. I can feel the energy about to burst forth in its glory.

In my professional life the energy is about to burst forth as well. I’ve moved beyond a major milestone on my coaching certification journey, and learned some valuable lessons along the way. I’m in the process of revamping my Web site with my new logo – thank you Jodi Clark at Top Cat Design! And, I’m bubbling over with fresh ideas to help women find their answers to what they feel is missing in their lives.

What’s bubbling under the surface in your life, just waiting to burst forth? Will you allow it to emerge in its full glory?

Here’s to the promise of new beginnings and re-awakenings!

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