Mission: Impossible?

We are all faced with a series of great opportunities

brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.

~ Charles R. Swindell

How often do we look at the challenges in our lives as impossible situations? Or dwell on the negative aspects of where we are? Or believe there is only one acceptable solution?

Any of these sound familiar?

  • I’ll never find a job I really love.
  • I’m just feel stifled and stuck.
  • I can’t find a partner to spend my life with.
  • Good things only happen to other people.
  • I’ll never be able to afford to <fill in the blank>.

Whoa. Let’s step back a minute. All of these beliefs are the result of our perspective, the filter we wear like prescription sunglasses. And often, it’s as if we’re wearing these sunglasses on a dark, overcast day: our vision is significantly hampered.

What if we altered our perspective and viewed our situation as an opportunity? How would this change our perception of the situation?

What if we viewed our challenges as a wake-up, kick-in-the-butt, message? “Oh, yooo-hooo. Are you paying attention now?” How would our energy level change from this viewpoint?

We always have a choice: we can choose to wear our dark tinted, view-limiting sunglasses—or not. We can play the “woe is me” card—or not. We can let life happen to us or we can choose to see the opportunity and make life happen for us.

Remember the Mission: Impossible television series? The agent would receive his instructions, followed by a choice, “Should you decide to take this mission…”

Decide to take the mission!


Your Call to Action:

Think of a challenge in your life. If someone else viewed this challenge, what opportunities might they see in it? You get extra points for identifying more than one opportunity! Now, who do you need to be or what do you need to believe, to “own” one of those opportunities and take the first step to making it happen?


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