March 16 ♥ Spring: time for creative energy!

Even though it’s not officially spring on the calendar, I can see and feel the changes outside. My tulips are beginning to poke through the ground, birds are busy making nests, and the days are growing warmer.

Everything is awakening once again!  spring is the time of plans

What I’m really noticing is that I feel full of new creative energy and ideas and plans. And, for those of you who know me personally, what this means is that my energy level is now on steroids!

I’m busy thinking about my garden, outdoor projects, and how and where I can do my photography and painting. My ideas are reaching for the sunlight just like my long-dormant plants.

One seed that has been germinating for some time is my desire to create a compilation of my best blogs. I want to create a mindful guide, a pause for wisdom, a giant permission slip to take time out of our busy lives for self-discovery, with prompts to check in and assess how our lives are going.

And so I am asking for your help, dear readers.

I’ve created a very brief survey about my blog, Wednesday’s Wisdom, because I’m really interested in how you use it and what benefits you get from reading it.Curly Girl Design journal

So, pretty, please, would you mind participating in this 12-minute survey? And for those of you willing to leave your contact information, I will have a random drawing for a beautiful journal created by Curly Girl Design on March 31.


You can access the survey here.



Now It’s Your Turn

How does your outlook change with the arrival of spring? How has your energy changed? And, what plans and projects are on your horizon?

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