Making room in my heart

I couldn’t stand not having cats in my house. There’s just something special about having a cat waiting at the top of the stairs when you come home. And having them curl up at the foot of the bed.

So, my family has grown: I’ve recently adopted two cats from PAWS, one of our local animal shelters. Well, the real truth is, these two guys chose me to adopt them.

My husband and I went “shopping” for a cat (notice the singular) and quickly fell in love with Fingers and Elliot (notice the plural). These two guys have been waiting and waiting for a “forever” home for a very long time. No one wanted them because they are FIV positive. (This is equivalent to the human version, HIV.)

This made them even more special to us. My heart always goes out to the underdog, or in this case, the undercat!

So we brought them home, knowing the challenge ahead: Fingers is the extreme extrovert, and Elliott is the extreme introvert. Little does Elliot know that I love a challenge, and he has no idea how persistent I can be.

I am again learning to live with cat toys underfoot. Ever step on a small plastic ball while walking barefoot in the dark? Or have a cat walk between your legs while you’re carrying a laundry basket piled high with clothes?

As for Elliot, I’ve got his number. He will come out from under the dresser and be social; he just doesn’t know that yet.

Here’s to all of the undercats in the world!

Fingers’ Side of the Story

Hi, this is Fingers! I just want you to know that I just love my forever home! My humans play with me and let me run all over the house.

I am just so happy here. I’ve even been sleeping on the human’s bed at night. And, last night, I quietly crawled up and plopped down on one of them. And they liked it! And they scruffled me! I stretched out in sheer delight.

I can’t believe how happy I am. And, they feed me lots of wet food – I just love it! I’m gonna be a lean, mean kitty machine!

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, my buddy, Elliot, is venturing out at night to explore our new home. He even played a really good trick on the humans: he hid so well that the humans were running around in a frenzy trying to find him! We both really laughed and laughed at that. Of course, I was the one that gave away his hiding place…but I couldn’t help myself.

And Elliot was up to his usual tricks. He neatly shredded a magazine cover and left it in a pile on the floor, just so the humans would know he was around. He’s always been very quiet but very thoughtful.

Today, while one human was using the keyboard I like to walk on, Elliot bravely walked down the long hallway – in broad daylight! Can you believe that? He’s probably going to want me to share the humans. I’m still thinking about that.

I gotta go. Elliot and I have a big race planned for the hallway as soon as the house gets quiet.

cat paw print (Fingers)





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