Make Room. Grow.

Unless one says goodbye to what one loves and unless one travels to completely new territories, one can expect merely a long wearing away of oneself.

~ Jean Dubuffet


I have a theory that we need to create space within ourselves to make room for something new to enter our lives. Sometimes we need to clear tiny spaces; sometimes we need a major housecleaning.

Making space means letting go of something, whether it involves beliefs, things, or people.

Sometimes the space-making happens to us and sometimes we have a choice. Usually we experience growing pains, because making space is another name for personal growth, which involves stretching beyond our comfort zones.

Think about it: are you the same person as you were at 10, 20, 30, 40…..? Of course not! You needed to discard some things to make room for the person you were becoming. Some things no longer fit, literally and figuratively.

I am personally at this point in my life–there’s a major transition happening, by choice btw. I am finding it difficult to ride my personal emotional roller coaster. Up: looking forward to a new way of life and a new way of being. Down: leaving a solid network of friends and familiar surroundings. Up: anticipating all the adventures awaiting. Down: rebuilding the mundane–doctor, vet, dentist, grocery store, hair dresser, repair people, etc.

And yet deep down inside I know I need to make this transition. (Notice I didn’t say “should”!) I can feel I’m moving toward something new, albeit still not clearly defined. I can hear the beckoning call to “travel to a new territories.” And, more often than not, I stand ready to greet this next growth phase.

I am consciously embracing this change. And when my fear monger begins to chant all the reasons to stay put, I shed my “nice girl” manners and swear at it like a Marine.

Why have I let you in on my transition story? Because I know that you also hanker for personal growth, and how often your Inner Critic tries to entice you to keep the status quo.

Without a doubt, I know that you have the COURAGE and the POWER to make room for new experiences and new ways of being.

So, come, dear ones. Say, NO! to a “long wearing away of oneself”. Notice what your heart is asking you to become, and jump into the unknown with me!


Your Call to Action

If you created space to make room for something new to enter your life, what would you discard? What possibilities would now be open to you? Who might you ask to hold you accountable to take the first step in this direction?


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