Why You Should LOVE Getting Older

I love being old…because I am more myself than I have ever been.

~ May Sarton



As a teenager life was all about fitting in, having people like me for superficial reasons, and denying my uniqueness. It was a difficult time, not fitting into my own skin.

I don’t know about you but unfortunately I carried on this phase far too long.

Through college I towed the middle of the road. As a young professional, I never questioned authority. One career after another, dancing around confrontation, embracing conformity. Denying parts of myself.

Those days are over!

Now comfortably in the second half of my life, I am learning to lovingly embrace all of me. I am letting go of shallowness and other people’s opinions. I am ignoring our youth-obsessed culture and loving the grey hair, the wisdom and perspective I have gained.

I am joyfully growing into who I truly am, deep inside. I’ve left behind the ghosts of my past 50+ years, grateful for the lessons learned, but no longer spending time dwelling on what I would have done differently. Happily I have banished “regret” from my vocabulary.

I revel in my glorious homecoming.

I’m learning that if something feels too safe, I’m probably on the wrong path. I’ve bid adieu to living in a comfortable little box. This is my time to explore, to tally up new experiences like notches on my belt. I celebrate my growing fearlessness and move through the world with ease, living with clarity and purpose, wearing my age as a badge of honor.

I treasure the woman I have unleashed! The world has been waiting for her!

What about you? How are you more yourself than you ever have been?


Your Call to Action:

Write 3 positive, encouraging statements about how you are aging. What does getting older allow you to do that you thought wasn’t possible before? What myth about aging is not true for you?

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